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Freshen up your face with our newest treatments (chemical peeling, mesotherapy, dermal fillers, lip fillers) and treat yourself with a new look.

Chemical peeling Chemical peelings eliminate surface damaged and dead cells of the epidermis. They smooth skin texture and boost regeneration of elastic fibers. The skin acquires a more youthful look, better texture, and its color becomes more uniform. This type of peelings are controlled, thus they enhance skin relief and structure. Light chemical peelings do not leave any traces and the skin is vibrant even after the first treatment.

Mesotherapy This is an efficient, medical and traditional method used to inject active supstances into the middle layer of skin, also known as mesoderm. All injection cocktails are are created by strict rules and protocols, in accordance to the situation that needs to be treated, the location and desired effect. Mesotherapy is the first choice in dealing with wrinkles, facial aging, aging of the hands, as well as loosened muscles of the face and neck.

Dermal fillers Hyaluronic dermal fillers have become the gold standard in filling the face and erasing wrinkles in the past decade. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that has a great role in the architecture of the extracellular space of the skin and the balance of water, which provides good hidration.

It is of greatest importance to emphasize that dermal fillers allow us to achieve and maintain natural facial contures. This procedure is suitable for persons older that 25 years of age to fill up wrinkles and revitalize their skin in the areas around the eyes, forehead, cheeks, nasal and labial grooves (from the nose to the lips), and may be used to augment lips and correct the lines in the lower part of the face.

Dermal fillers have the advantage of providing you with immediate results.

LIPS Fillers support and complete the natural function of lips and contribute to their balanced look. We recommend a sensible use of fillers to form and plump your lips in order to acquire healthier, softer and hidrated lips. The procedure is subtle and expert, done by a specialist who possesses the knowledge of lip anatomy and morpholy, as well as all rules of facial and lips harmony.

Lips and their aesthetics can be enhanced by the following:

- Definition of the lip line;
- Elimination of wrinkles;
- Elimination of horizontal grooves/chin lines;
- Sensible filling and a more defined lip definition;
- Filling of grooves in the area of the mouth, where nerves go through;
- Revitalization of the philtrum; Smoothing of laughing lines; Correction of the angles of the mouth.

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