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Implants are one of the greatest advances of modern dentistry. Every year implants give tens of thousands of people a second chance for healthy teeth. Natural teeth have a crown (the part visible above the gums) and a root (the part that is hidden, under the gums, into the jaw).

Roots keep teeth anchored to the jaw. When patients miss a tooth, the dentist has the task to make a decision on how to bridge the gap. This is the purpose of implants. They are metal cylinders set into the jaw in the same spot of the missing natural teeth.

In this manner, natural teeth are longer lasting and better functioning. Implants are made from titanium, which is most compatible to human biology.

They are set using local anesthesia, with the help of a surgical procedure. Implant systems have been tested and proven highy successful. Patients who maintain a good oral hygiene and take good care of their new teeth get the maximum benefits, i.e. make use of their new teeth for the rest of their lives.

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