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DIGITAL X-ray and Intraoral Panoramix imagery

Modern dentistry today can not do without the panoramic X-ray image that has an important basic role in diagnosing various pathological changes of teeth, jaw bones and facial bone cavities (sinuses, orbit and nasal cavity). Only thus achieves complete, great and lasting results in the treatment of the patient. Many of the changes that are localized inside the teeth or bones, which are still not cause any problems can be observed without Panoramix x-ray image.

As a reminder, Panoramix X-ray image is essential for:

- The first examination of the patient; - When prosthetic, orthodontic and surgical planning; - Pediatric Dentistry; - The diagnosis of caries; - Diagnosing granulomas, cysts, diffuse inflammation, focal, osteomyelitis half-impacted or impacted teeth; - Parodontology; - Deformities of the jaws (asymmetries, mandibular and maxillary prognatisam, malocclusions); - Trauma and fractures of jaws and teeth; - A complete overview of the TMJ; - Tumors of the jaws (benign and malignant); - Review of the paranasal sinuses; - Review the nasal passages; - Overview of middle facial skeleton (maxilla, zygomatic bone and orbital).

Systematic analysis of x-ray images Panoramix shows that approximately one third of them revealed incidental findings that had not caused difficulties to the patient and that the doctor could not find them when performing the review.

In modern X-ray diagnostics are increasingly used digital roentgenographs as cutting edge technology that accelerates treatment and contributes to a better and more efficient diagnosis.

Benefits of digital roentgenographs

patients are exposed at
90% less radiation,
than with traditional X-ray images

the process is faster and more efficient
and for the doctor
and for the patient

the digital picture
is immediately available
for viewing

images can be touched up
to achieve a better visibility
and increase the resolution for
analyzing the smallest details

images can be stored in
electronic archive your
computer or portable drive
and you are constantly available for work

for the development of these images
we aren't using chemicals
as in the traditional

How does digital roentgenographs works?

This process does not use film, but a sensor connected directly to the computer. X digital camera Panoramix simply rotates around the patient, taking the shot is easy and fast and does not need changing films. Footage immediately reproduced on the monitor. Recording takes a really short and therefore patients are at nearly 90% less radiation than traditional X-rays when recording.

Digital images allow insight to detail and it is possible to make certain adjustments for better visibility on the desired detail. This thing is helpful in diagnosing the problem. Images can also be stored in an electronic file and thus always available.

Neither one dental treatment is not complete from the beginning if not do a complete inspection of the condition of the patient, including x-ray panoramic image. It is important auxiliary diagnostic tool in dentistry identification and diagnosis of pathological changes in the orofacial region.

Generally, children need more x-ray images Panoramix than adults because they are growing and changing rapidly. According to the World Health Organization recommended X Panoramix picture every six months, and more frequently if needed. Of course fewer images we need in patients with preserved oral health.

By applying the latest scientific knowledge and the use of cutting edge technology, modern dentist
today knows the technique, procedure, at what time and for what indication the patient to recommend
provide superior therapy.

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