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You may have heard about the new “colorless/invisible/seethrough and ultra-light denture”. If you deal with impacted, spaced or traditional braces post-treatment shifting teeth, this therapy may be the perfect solution for you!
It involves continuous wear and exchange of a series of see-through invisible dental aligners made for each patient separately. The aligners are designed with the goal to shift teeth step by step, without brackets or wires. This is an excellent solution for all of our adult patients, especially those who have worn traditional braces while young and now need another treatment as well. The aligners are worn almost 24 hours per day, although they are mobile as well (may be placed and removed), thus do not limit food and beverage intake. They are almost invisible, thus there is no limit to laughing and smiling during treatment. Research has shown that this is often better for dental hygiene during treatment. Also, the aligners are comfortable to wear and anti-allergenic.


- Almost invisible; - As opposed to metal braces, Invisalign aligners are less irritable to the lips and cheeks; - These aligners are removed prior eating and drinking, thus they allow for a normal diet; - They are also reamoved in order to be cleaned, thus patients are able to brush their teeth and gums easier.

How long do aligner treatments last?

The treatment is successful as long as you wear the aligners. We recommend that you do so permanently and daily (at least 22 – 24 hours per day). Each aligner is worn for two weeks (after which it is replaced by the next aligner in the series), during which period it shifts teeth millimeter by millimeter, week by week, until the desirable result is achieved.

The length of the treatment depends on the patient and varies in each case. Post-treatment, there is a period of stabilization and retention of the desired position.

As soon as the active phase of the treatment is complete, only subtle corrections may be necessary in order to acheve the perfect smile.

Regular orthodontic check-ups are obligatory, until the doctor deems the treatment complete.

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