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As a means of filling the hollows and crevices (Fissure)? How to apply?

The surface of the teeth, which chewing is not flat and polished. It is filled with small coasts and valleys are called hollows and cracks. These places are safe hideout for plaque, because it can be cleaned enough to brush or floss teeth. Some of the pits and fissures are so narrow that even the hair of the brush can not penetrate them to clean up. One of the ways to win cavities of these places is that they are closed with a special varnish, which is called a means of filling the hollows and crevices (Fissure). If the dentist concluded that to protect teeth from cavities, you need such treatment, he or she will first take some special steps to prepare your teeth for the upcoming treatment. The tooth is first pure, then apply a solution of weak acid that will redira the tooth surface and thus enable easier means to bind it. The whole procedure is quick and painless. It is important, during the entire procedure, the surface of which is applied to dry and it does not come saliva. Otherwise means filling may not be connected properly to the surface of the tooth. Once this is complete, the dentist has applied means filling boat pits and fissures of teeth. With the help of a special light, the asset is dried and ready to use.

What made the thread tooth? How does it function?

Plaque from the tooth surface is not removed completely only by brushing with a toothbrush. Toothbrush not podstignuva to the surface of the teeth of the places where they are touching each other and below the gum line, and plaque can build up. These places are more susceptible to cavities. Daily cleaning of the teeth with floss and regular visits to the dentist are the only effective ways to remove plaque.

Did you know that about 35% of the tooth surface remains dirty, if they do not clean the thread? Floss for cleaning teeth is made of fibers (usually nylon), which is then wound coil. If you're not sure how to use the floss, ask your parents or dentist.

  • Do not wait too late

    Come back regularly dental office for examination and teeth cleaning. The dentist can review all the hidden problems that we can not see.

  • Floss is the coolest

    Clean your teeth with floss once a day. This will clean those places where it reaches toothbrush.

  • Watch what you eat and drink

    It is important to have a well balanced diet and avoid excessive snacking between meals - especially sticky and sweet things like candy.

  • Be careful with palates

    Regularly еxamine your palates in front of a mirror. This way you can spot the signs of palate disease. If you palates are swollen, red, tender or bleed and your breath smells bad, immediately schedule a dentist appointment.

  • It takes a few minutes for a beautiful smile

    At least once a day gently brush your teeth. Remember, for good brushing need 2.5 to 3 minutes.

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