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Laser teeth whitening is the newest technology that we introduced into our practice. This technique is an excellent solution for a beautiful smile. The method is fast, efficient and painless. The procedure can be incorporated into the regular check-up visits made once or twice per year, and usually lasts about an hour. Its advantage is that it can whiten teeth for up to 8 nuances, depending on the starting color of the teeth. It starts with a light rinse of the mouth, plaque removal from the gum line, and application of a special gel. This said gel is unique and contains a special chemical that allows the laser to achieve the highest level while whitening the patient’s teeth. Extreme cases may require a repetition of the procedure up to several times, which is usually due to deep stains on teeth caused by tetracycline or other drugs that change the color of teeth. At the end of the procedure patients are given home whitening kits to maintain the new, lighter color of their teeth. This technique is available only to KRUNA MS patients!

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