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Products for oral health and teeth that prevent decay, disease palate and refresh breath

Natural Products for the care and health of the mouth and teeth of the list are not many, but they have an advantage because readily available because we have everywhere. They act healing and soothing and scanning, to protect the teeth, mouth and the whole digestive system.


Drinking tea helps prevent caries and periodontitis. Exclusively useful is black tea, because it washes the bacteria that causes plaque creation. In fact, tea limits the ability enzymes to pretend sugar adhesive layer of the teeth, which is the basis for the occurrence of plaque.


Joghurt (no added sugar) reduces the number of bacteria that cause bad breath mouth, teeth decay and gum disease. This is determined after a six-month surveys, where respondents consumed every day jogurt.So specific measurements is determined that the level of hydrogen - sulphide, which is the main cause of bad breath, decreased by 80%, and in good measure is reduced and the level of dental plaque, and the emergence of gingivitis or inflamed gums.


Studies have shown that Phytochemicals in raisins to eliminating the development of several types of bacteria that cause caries and gum disease. On the other hand, the presence of oleic acid to block the formation of dental plaque and matching plaque.


This spice and its essential oil also destroy pathogenic bacteria, which are produced in the mouth, especially those that produce hydrogen - sulfide, the cause of bad breath. In removing plaque and kraiesot, good results are achieved with mastic gum with cinnamon and drinking tea with this spice.

Peel magnolias

Specifically extracts from the bark of magnolijata, found in mastic gum or peppermint, destroy bacteria causing bad breath. Although most candies with mint obscure odor, only those containing extract from the bark of magnolia destroyed more than 61% of microorganisms for half an hour and bacteria that lead to cavities.

Cheese, chicken and nuts

This product family provides calcium and phosphorus minerals important for the quality and health of teeth. These elements are necessary for the revitalization of the tooth enamel which damaged certain acids from the foods we eat. It may sound strange, but the milk is cleaner mouth and teeth because it provides calcium necessary for remineralization of teeth.


D-r Radmila Dimovska, MSc, PhD

Specialist in Orthodontics

Dr. Dimovska graduated summa cum laude, specialized in orthodontics, received her MSc and PhD in the field of multidisciplinary cleft management, published more than 100 works, accomplished many study and training travels around the world, and explores the secrets of anti-aging medicine...

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