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Hazards teeth from wearing pierced (piercing)

Throughout the world, people of razni religions and cultures decorate their bodies with Piers. The reasons are numerous. Greeks, Romans and Egyptians experimented with body piercings. Ancient Mayas and Aztecs wore earrings and Pierce made of gold, jade and volcanic glass, and American Indians still used ivory, pearl shells and wood. Peirce lips are just as popular today as in the past, although there are only two tribes for which it is known that placed pierces the lips, the Nuba tribe in Ethiopia and the Dogon tribe in Mali.

Many wonder what the purpose of any type of piercing and recording body as tattooing. The answer often said fad and environmental influences and peers. However, such decisions should be made carefully, because in some cases the result may not be withdrawn or amended. Whatever the intent and reason, it recommends consulting with your dentist before making a final decision. While piercing the tongue and lips right now is really modern, it can cause long-term problems. For every pier should be taken in order to prevent infection. The two most common long-term problems caused by placing piers in the mouth breaking and tear of teeth and pulling the gums. In some cases the problem affecting and alveolar bone that forms the basis for the teeth, with the stability and longevity of the teeth are put in danger.

Piercing the tongue and other parts of the body can cause various clinical problems. Screws used for fixing the tongue piercing can cause potkrshuvanje, tenderness and pain in the teeth. Also often occur and problems with the gums, where they should be released, inflamed, there is infection and loss of bone tissue. In rare cases occurs and nerve damage. If the patient continues to use, ie carrying a piercing, it is recommended consultation with a dentist in terms of the frequency of regular inspections. The US Dental Association points out several potential risks associated with piers in the mouth, as excessive bleeding or nerve damage if the piercing is not placed in the appropriate place or surgery performed by inexperienced person; separation of parts of the piercing in the mouth and the danger of their swallowing and choking; and obstruction of speech, depending on where the piercing is placed on the tongue. The last problem is minimal and short-lived.

Signs of infection of the mouth

Several signs and symptoms indicate infection okolu oral piercing. Severe, acute pain during more than two days. Swelling and redness at the piercing is set, iritacija, burning and itching in and around the place is charming Pierce discharge where the piercing is set, followed by an unpleasant odor and fever, swollen lymph nodes and signs above vratot.Site symptoms should not be ignored. They should be treated immediately to avoid spreading the infection.

Infection of tongue is one of the most common infections that occur after setting the pier at the site of the body. These pierces most difficult healing. It takes them a while mostly because of the location of the piercing.

If not treated promptly, the infection can spread to the teeth and gums. Peirce's language can become infected by bacteria, and various viruses. Since treatment of these infections is really complicated, it is best to properly follow instructions for care of the piercing of the lip and thus to avoid any infection. As soon as you notice infection, the important thing is not to open an infected place. Do not touch it with your fingers and istisnuvajte the leachate. Bacteria fingers can only worsen the infection and do more damage.

Also, do not remove the piercing, as this infection will remain trapped in the hole and create absces full of pus. Use antibacterial water for rinsing the mouth or mix sea salt with water and ispirajte your mouth after every meal. The solution with sea salt will remove leachate and shell around the piercing. Keep warm compress on the piercing twice a day to reduce and disappear pain and swelling. Swelling of the lymph nodes suggests that the infection is severe. In this case immediately ask us to prescribe antibiotics.

Risks setting piercings and oral tongue:

- formation around malignant tumors ibenigni pierce
- infection during placement and after installation of the pierce (HIV, hepatitis, bacterial and fungal infection)
- Excessive bleeding.
- Damage to nerves.
- Using the wrong kind of piercing the site of the sets. If the ring is too small, it can break down blood flow and cause pain and swelling. On the other hand, if the ring or earring is too large or heavier than it needs, it can be torn from the body.
Allergic reaction of the metal which is used.
- Scar.
- Swelling of the tongue, potkrsheni and broken teeth, damage to teeth and dental scale deposition around the piercing.
- Choking of torn pieces of jewelery.
- Obstruction of speech in the first days after placement of the piercing.
- Difficulty swallowing in the first days after placement of the piercing.
- Swelling and redness.


D-r Radmila Dimovska, MSc, PhD

Specialist in Orthodontics

Dr. Dimovska graduated summa cum laude, specialized in orthodontics, received her MSc and PhD in the field of multidisciplinary cleft management, published more than 100 works, accomplished many study and training travels around the world, and explores the secrets of anti-aging medicine...

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