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Oral hygiene care for overall health

In the mouth live around 500 different types of microorganisms. Continuous oral hygiene should disables saprophytic bacteria (SAFE) to become pathogenic (dangerous) to the health of the oral cavity, oral mucosa, tongue, gums and teeth, and the throat and tonsils. Irregular and poor oral hygiene combined with daily diet leads to dental plaque and caries. By increasing the amount of plaque grows and the possibility of cavities and bad breath.

Dental plaque is a sticky substance on the surface of the tooth which 1 cm3 amounting to something like around 100 bacteria. If teeth are not cleaned daily and thoroughly, then plaque begins to attack the enamel of the teeth. Start forming kredasto white dots that are the first sign of cavities. With daily brushing teeth, using dental floss, interdental brushes and antiseptichkite guiding dispenser in combination with oral irrigator removes dental plaque. This is the most efficient way to remove dental plaque, and thus to protect our teeth from cavities.

Choosing a toothbrush:

First forget the blades with a hard and high fiber claims. Only use brushes with soft bristles and rounded ends, because they at least can damage tooth enamel. Also effective are those with smaller heads, for easier and more effective to clean teeth.

Selecting toothpaste:

The market has many toothpastes. The correct choice is of great importance because the paste additionally protects teeth.

1. Opt for pastes with the addition of fluoride because it can penetrate the tooth enamel and strengthen. In this way the teeth are more resistant to diseases. These pastes really good clean teeth, removing dental scale and at the same time and strengthen teeth.

2.Toothpaste with the addition of humor mouth help in destroying bacteria sometimes remain on the teeth even after their brushing.

3. Toothpastes long-acting offer several hours of protection against dental decay scale.

The best toothpaste contains all the above features.

Selection of thread teeth cleaning:

Dental floss we can use everyday, at every prilika.Najdobro is to be used after brushing the teeth which allows removal of the remains of food in the interdental spaces which by brushing We could not remove.

Antiseptical waters for mouth cleaning, especially those containing organic aminoflouridi are of particular importance in the prevention of cavities. Thanks to their special chemical structure, which accelerates sozdravanjeto the protective layer around the teeth, we can be sure of good oral hygiene which offers us protection against cavities on the teeth. Their efficiency increases if used in combination with oral irrigator with an opportunity to strongly injected fluid (water and antiseptic humor) that allows you to remove dental plaque and the hardest to reach places in the oral cavity especially the space between the teeth.


D-r Radmila Dimovska, MSc, PhD

Specialist in Orthodontics

Dr. Dimovska graduated summa cum laude, specialized in orthodontics, received her MSc and PhD in the field of multidisciplinary cleft management, published more than 100 works, accomplished many study and training travels around the world, and explores the secrets of anti-aging medicine...

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