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Defeat the bad breath

We all face bad breath from time to time, especially in the morning. Bad breath occurs when we are hungry, dieting or eating food with strong odors, such as garlic, onions and smoked meat. It is very common transient phenomenon that occurs due to the dryness of the mouth, stress, hunger, eating a certain type of food, smoking or poor oral hygiene.

Bad breath in the morning is a general example of transient bad breath. This type of bad breath disappears by itself using the gum or tooth brushing. Chronic bad breath is a very serious and permanent condition that occurs with different intensity in 25% of the population. This type of bad breath can negatively affect personal and business contacts, and can lead to reduced ssamodoverbata and increase stress levels. Mostly as a result of the excessive number of bacteria in the mouth, usually the species Streptococcus mutans, and is a condition which requires special treatment. The reduced amount of saliva is one of the major causes of bad breath. Saliva acts as a purifier and helps eliminate or reduce bad breath. Once the amount of saliva in the mouth to reduce the number of bacteria increases, which occurs bad breath. Bad breath that occurs as a result of the reduced amount of saliva is particularly notable:

1. In the morning

The flow of saliva during sleep almost stops. As a result, a growing number of bacteria and bad breath occurs.

2. When we're hungry

Bad breath is common in people who eat irregularly or on a diet. The amount of saliva in the mouth increases with chewing food in the mouth. Since we do not eat, reducing the amount of saliva in the mouth and thereby grow the number of bacteria and bad breath occurs.

3. When we're dehydrated

In a state of dehydration, mouth not secrete enough saliva. Therefore, the saliva loses cleaning power of the mouth, with a growing number of bacteria and bad breath occurs.

Also, bad breath can have and when present diseases that attack the salivary glands; When taking certain drugs; After consuming alcoholic beverages.

Problems with the mouth and throat that cause bad breath include:

- Infections in the mouth and throat, as streptococcal infection
- Problems with teeth as caries
- gum disease, which occurs metallic odor of breath.
- National Cancer deep crypts where food enters
- Cancer of the throat or mouth.

For better breath:

Often rinse your mouth with water; With toothpaste, brushing teeth, tongue, palate and gums at least twice a day; Clean teeth with floss teeth once during each day; Follow the diet with low levels of fat and plenty of fruits and vegetables; Eat less meat;

Do not smoke or use tobacco products, such as tobacco chewing or snorting; Eat at regular intervals, diet or skipping meals reduces the amount of saliva in the mouth, thereby causing bad breath; Chewing sugar-free gum, eat candy or drink sugar water, especially if your mouth is dry. Use breath fresheners (stripes or candy) containing the same ingredients as the guide for rinsing the mouth; Use water for rinsing the mouth to temporarily remove bad breath;

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D-r Radmila Dimovska, MSc, PhD

Specialist in Orthodontics

Dr. Dimovska graduated summa cum laude, specialized in orthodontics, received her MSc and PhD in the field of multidisciplinary cleft management, published more than 100 works, accomplished many study and training travels around the world, and explores the secrets of anti-aging medicine...

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