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Colorless orthodontic DENTURES - INVISALIGN - Orthodontic ALTERNATIVE FOR ADULTS

Have you thought about orthodontic treatment or treatment for alignment of the teeth, and then still have not continued with intention, because you do not like the idea of daily wear braces?

Today there is a solution for those who want to quickly rectify the distorted smile - Revolutionary alternative to adult-INVISALIGN-colorless orthodontic braces. The technique originated in the US and worldwide there are only a few centers for their construction. Colorless prostheses have a number of separate colorless and moving alajneri gradually correcting teeth. Each set of prosthesis is made of a transparent, nearly invisible plastic and covers the entire surface of the teeth. Each is slightly different from previous and, if worn 23 hours around the clock for two weeks (before you start using the next prosthesis in the series), gradually moves your teeth into a better and proper position. Set to produce with the help of computerized data processing and diagnosis for each patient individually.

The results of treatment vary depending on the discipline and compliance of the patient during treatment. Treatment can last for 6 months to two years. If you plan it carefully, this type of prosthesis will correct and offset teeth will close small gaps between teeth and will solve the problem with elongated teeth. Adults are preferred because it can be removed for certain important moments. However orthodontic treatment with colorless removable prosthesis does not fit for everyone and the possibility of treatment depends on the case of each patient individually. The first step is to setup appropriate treatment diagnosis of the case. The diagnosis set it out on the basis of advanced training and experience in the field of orthodontics. The same is made by Panoramix digital x-ray, as well as footage of the jaws and head, along with photographs and prints of the teeth in order to make a model of the bite. The information obtained is used to determine whether treatment with these colorless prosthesis is appropriate for a given patient. Primary factors for this decision is the possibility braces to correct teeth without damaging the overall health of the patient's teeth.

Treatment commonly recommended for correcting low to medium density or space between teeth. Ideal for patients whose teeth behind the upper and lower jaws respectively overlap each other. In good bite, biting forces are distributed evenly along all the teeth of the jaws and thus protects the well being of the supporting structures paradental, gums and bone. Bad bite deviates equitable distribution of the strength of biting with some teeth to spend a greater extent and displace.

If treatment is not planned properly, you may experience problems with bite. It can also occur (although this problem is not unique to this treatment) and withdrawal of the gums. There are other cases where the teeth at the back of the jaws do not overlap properly as a result of inadequate treatment organized.

If we the only ones who offer this service in our country, we achieve successful results of treatment using the colorless braces. It only takes careful planning and quality of the overall treatment. Treatment with colorless dentures is different for each patient, because orthodontic treatments more like an art than a science. Plan the treatment and the efficient and effective movement of the teeth are based on proper and careful diagnosis and our experience.


D-r Radmila Dimovska, MSc, PhD

Specialist in Orthodontics

Dr. Dimovska graduated summa cum laude, specialized in orthodontics, received her MSc and PhD in the field of multidisciplinary cleft management, published more than 100 works, accomplished many study and training travels around the world, and explores the secrets of anti-aging medicine...

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