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People lose teeth for any reason, infections, diseases of the gum, accident or injury. In the absence of natural teeth arise various problems. The remaining teeth shift, rotate or twist. Develops an irregular bite, making it difficult to properly grind food in the mouth. Gaps between teeth can be complexed patients with poor aesthetics, speech problems and lack of confidence. Implants pose the greatest advances of modern dentistry.

Every year, tens of thousands of people get a second chance for healthy teeth with implants. Properly placed, they replace natural teeth and eliminate all problems. Patients with implants can say better to grind food, chew properly, speak better and more confident in yourself. Together with us you need to decide whether you are a candidate for implants. We'll do a full review of the oral cavity and Panoramix digital x-ray image and decide whether you are a candidate for implants regardless of your age.

If you are a candidate for implants, the procedure is as follows:

Surgical placement of the implant / implants bone is done in the dental office using local anesthesia. After surgery monitor the healing process that takes three months for the lower jaw and four months for the upper jaw. During this period, the implants are united with the bone through a process called "osteointegracija." After this period, the following minor surgery, and on top of the implant to bid basis. The base serves to keep the teeth that will later be placed. This is a short procedure that is commonly used local anesthetic. The last stage is restorative phase. To complete this phase requires more visits. But once completed, you will have new teeth that look natural and firmly.

Longevity of implants depends on many factors:

First, longevity depends on the quality and quantity of bone that has the patient. The more bone surgeon has available to work and how much it is better quality, greater are the chances for greater longevity of the implant. In second place come the experience and qualifications of the surgeon for these procedures. There is nothing that can replace the experience and talent of the surgeon in performing surgical procedures. Finally, the quality of restravracijata pour of implants play a big role in longevity of the implant. If the prosthesis is poorly developed, and the strength of the bite is not well balanced, and best positioned implant will not be able to fulfill the maximum lifespan.

The implant systems are tested and proven to be very successful. In fact, some of them have a lifespan of 20 years, with performance above 90%. Patients who maintain good oral hygiene and good care for new teeth can make the most, ie use them a lifetime.

Patients can help themselves as follows:

To shower with hot water before going to bed that helps temporarily relaxing the muscles and prevent teeth grinding. Practice! Just so you get rid of unnecessary energy and stresot- one of the primary causes of bruksizmot.

Get rid of stress - visit a psychologist or psychiatrist to help and that way you stop gnash their teeth. Heat up! Simply warm towel or water bottle to warm the muscles of the face and jaw heat to relax the muscles.

Massage is! If massage helps the body then it will help and jaw muscles. Rest your muscles! stop briefly to chew hard working such. hard meat, hard bread, gum, popcorn ... Avoid alcohol, coffee and cigarettes.

This can help to alleviate pain in the wrist and taking control over bruksizmot before they turn your teeth into dust.


D-r Radmila Dimovska, MSc, PhD

Specialist in Orthodontics

Dr. Dimovska graduated summa cum laude, specialized in orthodontics, received her MSc and PhD in the field of multidisciplinary cleft management, published more than 100 works, accomplished many study and training travels around the world, and explores the secrets of anti-aging medicine...

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